VR video and 360-degree panoramic shooting

VR video and 360-degree panoramic shootingVR video and 360-degree panoramic shooting have become current trends today. They allow viewers to see the video from all sides, and feel like a real character. The 360 and VR format is necessary when you need to show in detail an event, display services, and interior.

That is, shooting allows you to view the video: up, down, right, left, and back. Some time ago, the shooting process and editing of such a video were quite expensive and complex. To date, this technology and equipment have become a little more accessible to a wide range of consumers, because everyone wants to try what it is. Let's take a closer look at this topic.

VR video shooting is a professional video shooting presented in the VR format. Such videos have augmented reality and are fully suitable for shooting absolutely any events. Since it is very popular and relevant, it is guaranteed to attract the target audience.

Panoramic photography-has the maximum accuracy of images with the ability to view angles at 360 degrees. This shooting allows you to make the visual perception of the image more lively and complete. Ideal for interior decoration, recreation and other events. Photos of the highest quality will be fully guaranteed, and in addition, the implementation of any ideas is possible.

Equipment used for shooting

- photo and video cameras for 360 shooting;
- equipment that allows you to create 3D tours;
- stabilizers and additional equipment.

Summing up, we can safely say that VR video and 360-degree panoramic shooting are deservedly in great demand and popularity, since it has the ability to fully immerse a person in what is happening on the screen.

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